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XSZ-NNP Transmission & Reflection polarizing microscope is a professional laboratory instrument which is the most commonly sued in geology, minerals, material, etc departments, and relative Universities and colleges. For non-transparent or translucent objects, you can adopt both transmission and reflection polarizing observation. With the advancing of optical technology, the application range of polarizing microscope is becoming wider and wider. They are widely used in minerals, chemical industry, semiconductor industry and medicine material testing and so on.

It provides users to do single-polarized light observation, orthogonal polarizing observation, cone-ray observation and microscopic photography. It can also configure attachment like test piece Gypsum 1λ, Mica 1/4λ, quartz wedge and mechanical stage. It is a good quality instrument with more maturity function.





Viewing Head

Compensation Free Binocular Head Inclined at 30° (50mm-75mm)


Compensation Free Trinocular Head Inclined at 30° (55mm-75mm)




Gridding Eyepiece

Cross Eyepiece

Reticule Eyepiece


Stress-free Infinity Plan-achromatic 

metallurgical Objective:4×10×20×40×60×

Stress-free Infinity Plan-achromatic



Rotary Stage

Stage Size172mm

Moving Range360°


Swing type N.A.1.25Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm


Inserting type filter(green, blue, neutral)

Testing Piece

Gypsum 1λ testing piece

Mica 1/4λ

Quartz wedge testing piece


Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment With rack and pinion mechanism Fine focusing scale value0.002mm


High brightness fixed illumination

Light Source

Upper illumination: Halogen bulb 12V/30W, AC85V-230V, adjustable brightness

Down illumination: Halogen bulb 12V/30W, AC85V-230V, adjustable brightness

Checking Tool

0.01mm Micrometer

Optional Accessory

Eyepiece: WF16×WF20×P16×


5.0Mega Pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepiece

Stress-free objestive:100×(s)Oil

Photography attachment and CCD Adapter0.5×0.57×0.75×


Characteristics and description

1. 1/4λandλ test piece, quartz wedge.

2. Quintuple nosepiece with centering adjustable, the position of cross line of ocular with crosshair is always unchanged when adjusting the interpupillary distance of eyepiece tube.

3. WF10X(Φ22) super wide field Eyepiece, stress-free infinity objective

4. High-precision rotary working stage,

5. High-brightness, stress-free and aspherical swing type Abbe condenser N.A.1.30

6. Install the Quartz Crystal piece into the system to make polarization uniformity and the image color uniform in left & right optical system.