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Comparison Microscope MIC-W8F

Digital comparison microscope MIC-W8Fis a newly product of light, mechanical and electrical integration in our company, which through two eyepieces synchronized with CCD, users can view images of left and right two objects, users can make macro and micro comparison on two or more objects to obtain the aim of validation, the main features are:

1. Zooming range wide, objective lens continuously variable from 0.7X to 4.5X; with 0.3X and 2X additional objective lens in addition ( for optional). Therefore the total magnification is down to 2.7X, up to 236X.

2. Contains two sets of built-in digital video recording system, through electric control to select:

Built-in digital CCD camera system—— synchronized with manual observation.

Built-in digital color / black and white CCD camera system——provide for infrared comparison use.

IR filter passing waves length: 750, 800, 850, 900, 950 nm five fields, through electric control.

Optical analysis comparison images, directly transform optic signals into numerical signals, and input them in computer or AV/VAG/DAI display.

3. Adopting wide angle large view field, oblique adjustable binocular observation system, can loosen users’ eye fatigue. In which: 10X/φ22mm, 20X/12 mmoblique adjusting range: 0°~40°.

4. Photographing system can be equipped with all models of digital cameras, can also be equipped with camera DF135 according to users’ need.

5. Illumination system is equipped with 24V150W optic fiber illuminating cold light source and adjustable white LED light source, tricolor LED light source; the light source of which is high in brightness, good in cooling effect, application range wide and easy to use, long service life; and also has white, red, ultraviolet ring three kinds of light source.

6. Left and right two objective stages can simultaneously realize left, right linkage scanning, moving range is50mm.

7. Bridge body up and down moving realizes electric drive, easy to operate, moving range:115mm.

8. Left and right two objective stages and big working table can also achieve electric up and down moving, moving range:115mm.

9. With magnification correcting plate, can make the magnification rates strictly consistent in left and right system.

10. Can achieve left and right single view field, cutting view field, overlapping view field observation.

11. Left and right working stages are equipped with coarse and fine coaxial transmission system, convenient for high magnification focusing use.

12. Equipped with large working table, expanding effective working range of the instrument, and configures with transmission illumination device, working stages surface can rotate 360°and towards any direction to tilt.

13. View field cutting ridge is consistent and adjustable in width.

Therefore, comparison microscope MIC-W8Fis an ideal tool for public security to make forensic check (on comparing bullets, cartridge shells, tool marks, fingerprints, seals, texts, coins, printings etc...), which is also widely used in electronics, biology, printing, coins making and other industrial quality controls.

14. Has a cantilever bracket, on which can be placed laptop, to facilitate the observation and operation.


Binocular head

WF10X eyepieces (22mm)

WF 20X eyepieces

0.5X low magnification

auxiliary objective lens

Magnification correcting plates

Binocular cold light

source (24V150WX2)

Optic fiber

24V150W spared halogen bulbs

Ring ultraviolet light source 365

5W adjustable LED light source

Photographing tube

Bullet holder

Power line

AV video cable

USB data line

2A fuse tubes

Dust removing pen

Lens cleaning paper




Technical Parameters of Comparison Microscope MIC-W8F

Digital Video Recording System

Digital signal: 1280X1024 pixels

Analog signal: color 480 lines, black and white 600 lines

Easy to use, no other conversion devices, directly into monitor AV/VGA/DAI interface or into computer USB2.0/1394 digital interface

Optical Microscopy System

Optic magnification range: 9X~118X (can be extended to 2.7X~236X)

Eyepieces: WF10X/Ф22mmWF20X/Ф12mm

Objectives: 0.7X~4.5 focusing, focusing ratio is 1: 6.5

IPD adjusting range: 55~75mm; working distance:95mm

Embedded digital color video recording system: 3 mega pixels, support for USB/VGA/AV/DAI or digital camera output

Embedded IR optic enhanced system: wavelength 750nm 800nm 850nm 900nm 950nm

External ultraviolet excited light source: wavelength 254nm 360nm 385nm

Objective stage: dimension: 180mmX180mm; moving range: X/80mm, Y/80mm, Z/70mm

Fine-tune the accuracy of focal plane:0.002mm

Horizontal linkage range:45mm

Bridge body electric lifting range:70mm

Illumination (4 kinds): new high power semi conductor (LED) multi wave light source, brightness, light spot and color are adjustable; 300W high power optic fiber cold light source, brightness and light sport are adjustable; illuminating light source within the optical system; transmitted illuminating light source

Light source: 220V AC input, 12V/24V DC output, accords with international safety standard

For optional: 0.3X, 2X auxiliary objective lenses; digital camera interface; bullet (warhead, cartridge case) traces extension instrument; professional forensic image processing software; cantilevered bracket of folding laptop