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MIC-107 comparison microscope

Optical magnification



10X24mmand 20X12.5mmWide Field Eyepiece


0.6X 1X 1.5X 2.5X4XStepper motor controlled fixed zoom change

Plan achromatic step zoom objective :0.8X1X1.5X2X2.5X3X3.5X4X4.5X5X;center of filed of view will coincide, left and right side magnification is the same, customer does not need to calibrate, zoom ratio is 1:6.25;

0.36X1.6X objective is optional

Working distance


The stage

Stage moving range: X-50MM, Y-50MM, V-54MM

Linkage: X-50mm, Y-50mm

Main body

Lift range: 0-160MM

Field of view


Light source

Strong light source: 50W/12V five-band air-cooled, light intensity adjustable. Cold light source: high power LED warm light, up to 100,000 hours life, with the lens, adjustable brightness and spot

Major light:5W five-band white LED light 10000H condenser, illumination position adjustable, additional light, soft flexible tube. Major light and additional light can run at the same time, and three color light source, ultraviolet and infrared light source is optional 

Photography system

Front fixed photography port, eyepiece and picture ratio: 1:1

Video system

CCD:3M  full spectrum  , resolution 2048X1536;front 400-680nm800nm pull platefor document retrieval use;USB2.0 interface , LAN and software for teaching is available.

Power supply

Input: 100V-240V wide voltage;12V output continuous adjustable 

MIC-107 forensic comparison microscope is with small size and weight, full function, with module design and upgrade and change specification, with multiple accessory and image software.