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MIC-Z3 cylindrical traces unfolding video microscope

Test target: each kind of cylindrical objective, for example, warhead, shell case, bear bottle, water bottle, Cola bottle and etc which has the finger print or other trace.


Main specification:

1. Control method of unfolding the cylindrical surface: software control, USB2.0, data transmission.

2. Photography method: horizontal and vertical photography.

3. Objective: 0.7×4.5× zoom range.

4. Working distance: 110mm

5. Lifting distance: 280mm

6. Test target: diameter 3mm--120mm,

            height: 3mm--280mm

7. Electric rotary motor: 360° rotatable, rotating deviation<0.002°

8. Unfolding angle: 0360°, unfolding rotating angle can be self-defined.

9. Video device: 3MP CCD

  Resolution: 2048x1536

10: Can picturing the trace, mark, finger print on the cylindrical objective.   

11: Illumination: high power LED intensity adjustable light

12. Software function: software can satisfy your requirement on comparison, bonding comparison, measurement, angle, marking and other function.