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XSM series biological microscope

■ Eyepiece and objective have each achromatic aberration system.

■ Good quality image, higher resolution ratio, wide clear range

■ Ergonomic design with low position adjustment

■ Provide high quality optical system and durable and reliable operation mechanism; cost-effective

■ This microscope can be used in teaching and laboratory in colleges and university, as well as RD institution.



High eye point wide field eyepiece WF10X/18,(option pointer and micrometer

wide field eyepiece WF15X/13 WF 20X/10


Achromatic objective4X10X40X100X

Plan objective 4X10X40X100X

Observation tube

Monocular head ,45°inclined and rotating

Binocular head,45°inclined and rotating

Trinocular head,45°inclined and rotating

Binocular head,30°inclined and rotating

Trinocular head,30°inclined and rotating

Focusing adjustment

Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment, with limited and tension adjustment. coarse adjustment travel range:22mm,fine adjustment precision:0.002mm


Triple nosepiece

Quadruple nosepiece


Coaxial mechanical stage in 140X130mmsize and 50X75mmtravel range

Accessory for stage

Press style clips

attachable mechanical stage in 60mmX30mmtravel range


N.A.0.65 single lens condenser

N.A.=1.25 ABBE condenser and iris diaphragm, with filter holder


Mail supply 90-240V adaptable6V20W halogen lamp with intensity control

Externally transformer, 12V15W halogen lamp with intensity control

LED lampwith intensity control


Blue /yellow /green