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MIC-Z1 Coaxial multi-polarized light photographic device is good to test the mark on the glasses and ceramics, also ideal instrument to test the impress on the objective with dark color, light source can also be used as portable illumination to the filed. This is an ideal instrument for police, procuratorate, research institutions and teachings.

Top Illumination

45 ° directional parallel coaxial reflected light illumination


Insert different filter can make different color photography     

Micro, angle adjustment

Easy micro and angle adjustment; can be used as micro video device with micro lens.

Base Illumination

9w fluorescent, can be used as mini desktop re-copier  

Column Lift range


Photography bracket moving range

Horizontal 360 °, Vertical  60 °, Y axis40mm, X axis50mm.

Iris diaphragm


Power supply

Input 220V, output 12V