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Ergonomics deign, tilting binocular head, interpupillary distance 50-75mm, 360°rota table, users can uplift the eyepoint to 34mm when in the standard 65mm interpupillary distance position by turning the eyepiece tube. So users can easily have a understand of the viewing height.


One module casting stable mechanical main body made of high quality aluminum alloy, guarantee the high image quality, main body surface pain is with dusting technique, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasion, perfect for human body temperature, each accessory is with optical coating with hard surface, even in bad condition, this microscope can also be used for a long time.

Safe and high efficiency LED illumination

With CREE 5W high power LED light, no need to use filter, offer natural light light stable, safe, not easy to heat, environmentally friendly, long life time.


Users can realize different cell cultivation method

Simple, stable and smart main body makes users more space to install all kinds of accessories, such as  petri dish, culture bottle,perforated plate, and stage can be equipped with moving scale, users can move the sample by turning the XY coaxial knob.


22MM plan high eyepoint eyepiece

20X phase contrast objective as standard accessory

With PH slide makes live cell and un-dyed cell better image.

        PH10X                                                  PH20X                                      PH40X

New intelligent ECO system, economic environmentally friendly infrared induction system. When users is out for a certain time or back after a while, this system will shut down or restart automatically, save energy.


Marking objective

When you are carrying on live cell observation, you can use the marking objective to mark your sample, easy for you to check the same area and also the cell extraction.


Offer you clamp for your mobile phone camera, so when you need to just use mobile camera to take picture, you do not need to focus or worry about the hand shaking for the image.


MIC TECH also offer you all kinds of camera, CCD, CMOS, HDMI, WIFI.....and professional microscope software, easy for you daily work. 




One-piece construction from arm to base,with flourescence excitation interface

UCIS Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical Design

With digital camera joint on the left side

Co-axial coarse and fine focusing knob,precision:0.001mm

Wide voltage:100∽240V,47/63Hz

Seidentopf Observation Tube

Trnocular Tube, Interpupillary distance 50-75mm,45°inclined,diopter adjustable.

Split ratio: 50:50


WF10X/22 (reticle optional)


WF15X/16 (reticle optional)


Infinity Plan Objectives


Infinity Phase Contrast Plan Objectives


Infinity Plan Florescent Objectives



Infinity Semi-apo Plan Florescent Phase contract Objectives


Fixed Stage

Size: 215W×250LmmCould mount the Stage extension board and attachable mechanical stage.

Size of stage extension board: 120W×80Lmm


attachable mechanical stage

Work distance: 120X×80Ymm,

Low coaxial focus adjustor, attached with Petri dish holder.



Adopt 90-240V wide voltage, the 6V/30W Halogen bulb; center presetting, adjustable brightness.



Super long work distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.3, and work distance 72mm, movable.



0.35X,0.5X,0.65X,1X C-mount, focus adjustable



Temperature color change filter, green contrast filter, infrared illimination filter dia45mm, attenuation filter ND25/ND50, PH slide


Operating environment

 Use indoors 

The highest height above sea level: 2000m

Temperature: 5℃~40℃ (41ºF~109ºF)

Maximum relative humidity: 80% when the temperature up to 31℃ (88ºF), then it will down as linear. 34℃ (93ºF) vs. 70%, 37℃ (99ºF) vs. 60%, 40℃ (104ºF) vs.50%.

Pollution: 2 (See IEC664)