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Mainly used in for slicing animal and plant tissue. Adopting high precision lead screw and guide rail to ensure accurate section, it has advantages of easy operation, stable performance, favorite price and wide application.

Technical Data:

Section thickness: 1 25μm

Minimum setting value: 1μm

Maximum section size: 35 x 25mm

Horizontal specimen stroke: 35mm

Vertical specimen stroke: 46mm

Dimensions: 300 x 280 x 280mm

Net Weight: 22.5kg


MIC-III Freezing system

Product Description

The system is extensively used at hospital, epidemic prevention, agriculture, forestry and other scientific research institutions. It make up with advanced third computerized thermostatic power semiconductor refrigeration, Cryo-Scalpel, Cryo-console. The power is made of advanced nanometer material, it has the characteristics of light, no noise. The LCD display can show the temperature of the Cyro-scalpel and Cryo-console at the same time.

The system have the characteristics of working evenly, freezing fast, and operating easily, stably and conveniently. It can avoid the position that it is difficult to control the temperature of the Cryo-console and Cryo-scalpel so that it will damage the tissue and hade to analys it. The angle between Cryo-console and Cryo-scalpel is 45° which made the tissue attached to the slice easily.

In addition to rapid freezing slice, the system is also can regular paraffin slice.

Technical Data:

1)Slice thickness range: 1-60micron(335III,MIC-315III, MIC -355ATIII)

1-35micron (2508 III )

1-30micron(1508A III / 1508RIII /2508 III)

1-25micron (202AIII /202 III / 2508 III)

2) Least slice adjusting graduation: 1micron

3)Maximum slice section: 40 × 50μ M 40 × 30μ M

4)Maximum cold storage area: 40 × 32 μ M

5) LCD display show the temperature of Cryo-console and Cryo-scalpel    simultaneity

6)maximum difference in temperature of freezing stage 60

7)maximum difference in temperature of cooling knife 50

8)automatic recovery of refrigeration working state after defrost

9)After automatic defrost, it takes 4-8 minutes to reach setting temperature